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Bulletin de la Météo.

First Cyclone Bulletin for Rodrigues

Over the last few hours tropical cyclone GELENA has intensified into an intense tropical cyclone. At 1000 hours this morning, intense tropical cyclone GELENA was centered at about 1090 km to the north west of Rodrigues, that is in latitude 15.0 degrees south and longitude 54.4 degrees east.It is moving in a south south easterly direction at about 12 km/h.

There are indications that GELENA will change its track towards the south east during the day and will approach Rodrigues. On this new track Gelena represents a potential threat to the Island.

A cyclone warning Class I is in force in Rodrigues.

The public in Rodrigues is advised to take preliminary precautions.

Cloud bands associated with GELENA will start to influence the weather at Rodrigues as from Saturday morning with passing showers. The showers will be more frequent on Saturday night.

The wind will blow from the western sector at a speed of about 20 km/h at first, strengthening gradually as from tomorrow morning, with gusts which may reach 80 km/h.

The sea will be rough with heavy swells of the order of 3-4 metres. The public is advised not to venture at sea.

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