Le drapeau de Maurice

‘Dan Linite Nou Avanse’

Le thème des festivité du 12 Mars 2019 est connu et le programme rendu officiel qui aura lieu à partir de 18h00 au Champs de Mars.

Cabinet has taken note of the proposed programme of activities for National Day Celebrations 2019. The theme for the celebrations would be ‘Dan Linite Nou Avanse’. The Official Programme would be held at Champ de Mars on 12 March 2019 as from 18 00 hours and would comprise:

(a) the Flag Raising Ceremony;

(b) a march-past by the Police Band, Disciplined Forces and Uniformed Organisations;

(c) a fly-past as well as helicopter display and Queen Elizabeth College Majorettes; and

(d) a‘Dan Linite Nou Avanse’ show, which would be followed by a popular show by renowned local artists.

Cabinet has also taken note that the following arrangements would be made for those travelling by bus to Champ de Mars two hours before, and two hours after the official celebrations:

(a) all fare-paying passengers to pay half the normal rate; and

(b) children aged less than 13 years to travel free of charge.

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