ARIE Capital Group officially launches ACBM in Mauritius

ARIE Capital Group, a London Headquartered Financial Services Group, officially introduced today ACBM,, an Investment Bank licensed by the FSC. ACBM is the first regulated Native Digital Investment Bank in the World and provides Fintech-enabled investment banking services, particularly in between China and Africa.

ACBM is the cornerstone entity of ARIE Capital Banking Group (ACBG), a Digital Banking Group with a unique focus on Corporate and Investment Banking. ACBG has developed its own in-house proprietary Digital platform.

With full automation of administrative functions, including KYC and onboarding, ACBM’s platform is client-centric and gives back to managers, investors and owners the ability to make their own choices, manage their daily accounts with little interference in a very cost-efficient and cyber-secure environment: “Our mission is to answer the client’s expectations for versatile, cost-efficient and evolutive tools. In turn, this allows ACBG teams to focus on delivering the highest level of service flexibility and advisory expertise,” states Simon Tobelem, Group CEO and Co-founder.

ACBG is an innovative Native Digital Banking Group which aims at redefining Corporate and Investment banking in the era of Digital Finance. The group is based in Singapore with offices in London, Beijing, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Paris, Los Angeles and Mauritius. ACBG recently appointed as Chairman Sir Mick Davis, Former chairperson of XStrata a U$ 55Bn company Davis.

In a video address to guests this evening at ACBM headquarters in Mauritius, Sir Mick states: “Our choice of Mauritius is not coincidental. Mauritius has a very conducive regulatory environment supporting digital banking and FinTech. It is also uniquely positioned geographically to create a bridge between Africa and Asia, India and Middle East. And we think therefore that this is a fine country for us to actually position our Investment Bank and to ensure that we can actually build a basis for growth and moving forward. I have no doubt, having spent many years in the Industry building large companies from small beginnings, that the prospects for our bank is significant and that we will grow very prodigiously over the next few years. I am particularly pleased to be associated with our new venture resident in Mauritius.”

Emile Achkar, General Manager of ACBM in Mauritius, shall lead the resident Executive team wherein proposing strong combined expertise in Banking, Investment Banking and Innovation. “As the first fully regulated investment bank worldwide, we are here to change the way investment banking is conceived and implemented in cross border rapidly changing and challenging environments. Our unique and proprietary digital platform allows our clients to put back the focus on what really matters for them – developing their Business, nurturing their wealth or designing the most adequate investment strategy,” explains Emile Achkar.

He went on to say that: “The proactive stance of the FSC on Fintech and Digital Assets, as well as Mauritius being the most adequate Hub to bridge in between China and Africa, has made the choice very easy for ACBG. I am looking forward to a productive partnership with the FSC and all local players, to become a regional success story that will benefit the island.”

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