Free Eye Testing and Distribution of glasses by BCC School

Free Eye Testing and Distribution of glasses by BCC School

BCC School Pailles has organized free eye testing for more than 80 people on Wednesday 10 April 2019. Reading glasses will be distributed free of charge soon. Dr. Ali Subratty has consulted the patients.

This was the second edition of BCC School to do something for the elderly people and people who have eyesight problem. Elderly people have contributed massively in the development of the country and making us educated. Even at this age, they help families in different ways. Hence, they deserve good care at this age. Many of our elderly people have difficulties to see. However, they cannot afford to buy a pair of glasses as they are very expensive in Mauritius and often it takes a very long time to get a pair of glasses from the sponsors. Meanwhile, the patients continue suffering.

It is very sad to see that some people even have to take a loan to buy a pair of glasses. Through this type of activities, BCC School wants to motivate others to help the needy. Sharing and humbleness are two values that BCC School tries to promote. People can be happy when they have these two values.

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