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Training and Employment Magazine

The first ever training and employment magazine eas launche on the 26th April 2019. It is available online only and accessible free of charge so as to have a maximum number of readers.

This magazine, as per the title, aims at being a platform to bring to every Mauritian, information sufficient and necessary to help him/her to choose the type of training he/she wants and needs to follow, most particularly in this technology impacted environment where people need multiple and lifelong training and reskilling. It will bring a level of connectivity and information sharing between employers, employees and youth (both employed and unemployed). That’s really what people want in life. To feel connected. We think that this magazine will bring its contribution to the building of a learned, competent and responsive population in Mauritius.

Every issue will incorporate important information about training and employment. This one gives a very good insight into tertiary education and means available to fight unemployment. It also incorporates interesting interviews of Prof Angus Mc Leod, Mike Webb and Prof Chinapah. The former has a very provocative analysis of the Mauritian economy, the second one talks about his own experience behind the success of his own SME and the latter brings a good picture of how the Mauritian diaspora is doing overseas. There is also a very good presentation of the importance of e learning and its importance in today’s learning landscape as skills acquired become obsolete very rapidly.

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