Conférence de presse du Mauritius Turf Club

[Vidéo news] Perte en vue pour le MTC

L’industrie qui produit 1.7% du PIB à Maurice qui permet au gouvernement a encaissé un peu plus de 670 millions par an est en danger après l’annonce du ministre des Finances d’interdire le Off Course Betting lors de la présentation du Budget 2019-2020.

C’est après une réunion avec les membres du Mauritius Turf Club en foin de journée du 10 Juin 2019 que le board a rencontré les membres de la presse pour annoncer les possibles impacts des mesures budgétaires sur le turf.

Pour Kamal Taposeea, Président du MTC, la projection présenté ainsi que le budget de la saison 2019 sera largement impacté avec un manque à gagner qui va affecter les comptes du Club organisateur des courses à Maurice malgré l’impression que l’industrie du truf brasse des milliards en 37 journées de courses en 2019.

Si le MTC veut passer dans une meilleure situation financière, il faudra diversifier comme cela se fait dans le monde dans le Sport Betting ou ailleurs a indiqué le CEO de la MTC . Mike Rishworth.

Divers axes de diversification avec des accords avec des organisateurs de paris sur les chevaux de courses seraient en cours afin d’augmenter les revenus.

Et avec seulement 30% des revenus sur les paris dans les courses, il faudra serrer les boulons, avoir une pratique financière quotidien saine sans toucher aux subsides aux écuries ainsi que les stakes money a ajouté Kamal Taposeea.

C.9.Gambling Regulatory Authority ActThe Gambling Regulatory Authority Act will be amended to:
(a)define‘horse-race’ to also include a combination of horse races since foreign pool promoters offer pool betting on combination of horse races;(b)define‘foreign pool promoter’ to make it a statutory requirement for the pool promoter to be duly authorised in the relevant foreign country;
(c)empower the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA)to set an age limit for gaming machines in Casinos and Gaming Houses;
(d)cause the setting up of an appeal committee to review the decisions taken by racing stewards from the horse-racing organiser to the GRA in line with good governance practice;
(e)require that a horse-racing organiser should seek the approval of the GRA prior to the implementation of its Rules of Racing and for any proposed amendment to these rules. The Directions issued by GRA under Section 100 of the GRA Act will be given statutory force so that the Mauritius Turf Club, in managing the organisation of horse racing has to abide by the Directions;
(f)require the Horse Racing Organiser to simultaneously and freely disseminate to the press and also any sports publication, information on race meetings including fixtures and race cards to ensure fairness in the release of such information;
(g)add to the responsibility of the Horse Racing Organiser the provision for same treatment to all the licensees of the GRA including but not limited to the display of odds and other information to correct any unfair treatment;
(h)repeal sections related to the licensing of bookmakers conducting fixed odds betting on local races outside the racecourse;(i)align provisions in Section 44(5) with the elimination of licensees conducting fixed odds betting on local races outside the racecourse so that the GRA issues a licence for the conduct of fixed odds bet on any event or contingency other than a local race at such place as may be approved by the GRA;
(j)provide under Section 44 (7) that licences will be issued only to a company for a bookmaker conducting fixed odds betting on local races at the racecourse with a view to ensure greater transparency and accountability;
(k)provide for a pool betting collector to be registered as is the case for the lottery retailers and sweepstakes retailers;
(l)exempt from the requirement for Police clearance with regard to the premises of a local pool promoter, agent of foreign pool promoter and facility centreprior to the issue of a licence. Instead, the GRA inspectors will perform inspection and due diligence exercise prior to licensing;
(m)require a licensee to record the name and Identity Card Number of a punter receiving winnings above Rs 100,000;
(n)provide that winning tickets should display a bar code which will allow online recording of actual payment of winnings on the Central Electronic Monitoring System;
(o)allow the GRA to take disciplinary action, such as non-renewal, suspension, revocation or cancellation of a licence, for non-submission of requested documents or other information by a licensee within the time frame provided;
(p)empower a GRA inspector to conduct a search, inspection or investigation, on his own initiative, on the premises of licensed operators as well as any person licensed by those operators;
(q)authorise the GRA to seek from the Court authorisation to obtain from the telecom operators information regarding phones and phone records in relation to jockeys or horse owners to assist the Authority in its enquiries;
(r)allow a GRA officer or Police des Jeux inspector to place bets during the course of an investigation in order to secure required evidence;(s)introduce a fine not exceeding Rs 500,000 for non-remittance of unclaimed prizes or other winnings to the National Solidarity Fund by a licensee within the specified time frame;
(t)make every Limited Payout Machine operator topay monthly a gaming tax equivalent to 10% of its gross takings or Rs 500,000 whichever is higher to be commensurate with the volume of transactions of that operator;
(u)allow a GRA inspector to inspect the premises of any person, other than a licensee, suspected of carrying out a gambling activity;
(v)issue adhoc lottery licences for specific approved programmes in order to raise funds to contribute in catering for innovation initiatives, health, sports and physical activities, rehabilitation of natural heritage sites (Patrimoine) and protection of the environment and supporting victims of natural calamities;
(w)amend the Third Schedule to the GRA Act to remove licences for-a.fixed oddsbetting on local races outside the racecourse;and b.Pool Collector Licence and also to provide for payment facilities to Limited Payout Machine licensees as provided to licensees of Gaming House ‘B’; and
(x)empower the MRA to request records for taxation purposes.

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