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68e édition du MCB Focus

La nouvelle édition de l’analyse économique de la Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd est sorti le 18 mai 2017 avec pour titre « Strengthening our competitiveness by modernising our infrastructure set-up amidst fiscal discipline »

Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited
Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited

Pour J. Gilbert Gnany et son équipe d’analystes de la MCB, la situation économique avance peu car l’investissement du gouvernement est en deçà de lui qui a été annoncé:-

With respect to Mauritius, while it is comforting to note that the authorities have recognised the
importance of infrastructure-upgrading, the aim, looking ahead, is to accelerate and deepen moves in this
respect with a view to (i) providing a meaningful immediate boost to economic activity levels; and (ii)
broadening the country’s intrinsic capacity to achieve robust and durable productivity and efficiency gains
that will underpin sound and high real GDP growth over the longer run.

68e édition du MCB Focus

  68e édition du MCB Focus (1,7 MiB, 215 hits)

Over the past few years, the country found it challenging to uphold the momentum of its socio-economic
progress, with the long-term potential growth declining and actual real GDP growth remaining in generally
unfavourable territories. In particular, the resilience of the economy to external shocks and its ability to
leverage avenues for activity growth have been stymied by deep-seated structural inefficiencies and
bottlenecks, to some extent linked to the extensiveness and quality of public infrastructure levels. That
said, whilst the viability of several undertakings remains to be ascertained, the authorities have, in recent
times and as per the updated Public Sector Investment Programme, announced and made way for the
execution of a series of infrastructure projects to combat constraints to activity levels and unlock
productive capacity.

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