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74 édition de la Newsletter du DPP

la nouvelle édition de la lettre mensuelle du DPP est sorti le 11 Octobre 2017 et il est question de la protection des victimes

Crime and Prejudice

To every crime there is a victim. A fundamental question arises here: What is the fate of the victim once he or she reports the crime to the police? Unlike an accused party who, by and large, enjoys a plethora of rights expressly listed in the Constitution, our laws are, save for a few exceptions, silent on the treatment of victims in the criminal justice process.

To start with, once a crime is reported, the State takes over, from the enquiry to charging and prosecuting an offender. Where is the place of the victim of thecrime in this system?

The victim is a mere bystander and is kept in the dark as to the progress of the enquiry. The victim is never told whether the offender has been granted bail, nor is there any concern for his safety.

74e édition de la Newsletter de la DPP

  74e édition de la Newsletter de la DPP (1,5 MiB, 572 hits)


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