Launch of NPK Rhum

Launch of NPK rhum

SUNAIRSEA Distribution Ltd launched the brand NPK Rhum at BaliKopy Lounge Bar, Black River.

NPK Rhum is a new rum-based product in the spirit category. This new product revisits the taste and packaging of rum while respecting traditional production of rum agricole.

For Mauritius and the international market
NPK Rhum will be commercialised in Mauritius and has also been designed to appeal to an international public. Rum is an increasing popular drink in the world because of its versatility and purity. The rum market recorded an increase in sales volumes: 2.4% in 2010 and 3.3% in 2011. The global consumption of rum is 17 litres per second, which equals 536 000 tons of rum consumed each year in the world. Most sugar producing islands are renowned for their cane spirits while Mauritius has this potential that is yet to be developed.

Blending tradition and modernity
Given that the marketing of rum is clearly characterised by a certain classicism that could be holding back the product, SUNAIRSEA Distribution Ltd has created a more contemporary range of rum, modernising its image while respecting the legacy of traditional local production. NPK Rhum is a fusion of Mauritius Island’s most valuable resources, sugarcane from the lands of Saint Aubin. NPK Rhum is developed with extreme care from sugar cane and distilled water (rum agricole) blended with a range of natural and delicate flavours

‘Be cool and move’

The brand NPK Rhum is made up of 7 references (Strawberry, Melon, Apple-Ginger, Essential Gold, Pure White, Orange Spicy and Mint Liquorice) and offers a range of light rum containing 40% alcohol by volume. The bottles are elegant, emphasising the unique positioning of the product. They convey the core values of the brand « Be cool and move. » NPK Rhum has therefore spared no effort to ensure that the very modern container targets a segment of trendy and festive consumers. This positioning enables our group to leverage the fashion phenomenon of Mauritius as a tourist destination.
SUNAIRSEA Distribution LTD will also commercialise the product in several countries in Europe, North America and Asia. NPK will also be available in retail outlets in Mauritius as from next month.

The product does not contain chemical additives and the packaging is a 100% reclyclable.

The rum is produced by Compagnie Saint Aubin, a company located in the south of Mauritius that has been engaged in sugar cane cultivation since 1819. Bolstered by this tradition, SUNAIRSEA Distribution Ltd has created a range of innovative products of high quality and excellent taste.

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