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Plusieurs cas de vols dans les faits divers du 26 mars 2013

5 cas de vols ont eu lieu selon le rapport de la police sur les faits divers du 26 mars 2013 notamment à Grand Baie, la Place Immigration à Port Louis, Pointe aux Sables entre autres.

Northern Division
1. Grand Baie Police – Larceny (cables)
On 26.03.2013 at 1245 hrs, Mr. J, 51 yrs, site coordinator at R Company Ltd, residing at Cite La Cure reported that between 1500 hrs on 20.03.2013 and 1230 hrs on 22.03.2013, 100 m of electric cables have been stolen from the substation no 2, La Croisette, Grand Baie. Value stolen about Rs. 40,000/-. Property of R Co. Ltd.
Metro Division (North)
2. Fanfaron Police – Fire in Building
On 26.03.2013 at 0725 hrs, fire broke out in a two storey building made of stone, concrete, woods and corrugated iron sheets, situated at Royal Street, Port Louis. The whole building housing a hardware shop, a cold storage and a candy shop was singed. Origin of the fire unknown. Nobody injured.

3. Fanfaron Police – Larceny with violence (suspect arrested)
On 26.03.2013 at 1535 hrs, whilst Police Officers posted to RSU were on mobile patrol along NTR at Immigration square, they spotted four youngsters running away. They pursued them and intercepted one of them namely A and residing at Roche Bois. Latter stated that he and his three friends had just stolen a mobile phone from a student at Immigration Square. The suspect is detained and his confederates are being looked for.

Metro Division (South)
4. Bain des Dames Police – Larceny
On 26.03.2013 at 0940 hrs, Mrs. L, 37 yrs, sales clerk, residing at Cassis reported that between 2030 hrs on 25.03.2013 and 0730 hrs on 26.03.2013, jewels worth Rs 75,000/- which she kept in a wardrobe at her place have been stolen. No breaking.

5. La Tour Keonig Police – Larceny breaking
On 26.03.2013 at 1555 hrs Mr. F, 51 yrs, shop owner and residing at Pointe aux Sables reported that, during lunch time between 1200 hrs and 1500 hrs, his supermarket, annexed to his house, was broken into. Sum of Rs. 70,000/- which were kept in a drawer has been stolen.

Southern Division
6. Souillac Police – Road accident (victim passed away after 1½ months)
On 26.03.2013 at 0530 hrs, Mr. Jean Michael Atchiary, 32 yrs, residing at Souillac passed away at PMOC and PMO revealed that death was due to septicemia.
Note: On 10.02.2013 at 1830 hrs, victim stated to Police that he was riding m/cycle along Pont Bains des Negresse, Souillac when the m/cycle skidded and he fell on the road.

7. ADSU Flacq – Execution of warrant
(Accused in case Larceny on public road arrested)
On 26.03.2013 at 1850 hrs, personnel of ADSU and CID raided the house and premises of Mr. A, 38 yrs, mason, residing at St Pierre suspected to be in possession of dangerous drug. Whilst searching the house Police secured a bag containing personal documents of Miss A, (victim of a larceny on public road on 25.03.2013 near a Filling Station, Moka,). The said A averred that the bag was the belonging of one M, 32 yrs, self employed, residing at Petit Verger who was also thereat. Latter was arrested and latter confessed having robbed the bag from above named lady. He is detained.

NO. OF PERSONS ARRESTED (previous cases)
1. R, 29 yrs, no calling, residing at Curepipe for having on 22.03.2013 stolen 3 aluminum bars form the place of Mr. R residing at Forest Side. (Curepipe Police).

2. L, 36 yrs. No calling, residing at Bel Air R/Seche for having on 26.03.2013 committed larceny at S Supermarket Flacq. (Flacq Police).

3. A, 25 yrs, No Calling residing at Poste De Flacq for having on 21.03.13 stolen money from the snack of his father situated at at Poste De Flacq. (Flacq Police)

4. S, 52 yrs, driver of Grand Retraite for having on 17.03.2013 being involved into case Murder of one J. (Flacq Police).

5. A, 29 yrs, Steward, residing at Poste de Flacq for having on 08.02.2013, committed a case of larceny at the place of Mr D, residing at Poste De Flacq. (Flacq Police)

6. D, 22 yrs, helper, residing at Q. Bornes, whilst being
searched at Q. Bornes Police Station, he was found in possession of dangerous
drugs (Q. Bornes Police).

7. J, 22 yrs, no calling, residing at Belle Rose for having on
26.03.2013 seriously assaulted Mr. Z, 32 yrs, residing at
Drappers St, Belle Rose (Rose Hill Police).

1. Possession of D. Drugs – One person arrested
2. Possession of an electric torch capable of discharging electric shock – One person arrested
3. Drug Dealing – One person arrested
4. Possession of cannabis – One person arrested

63 cannabis plants in Southern Division

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