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Inspiring series Rajaa Betaa Premiers on Zee Tv

Zee TV (DStv channel 452), will be premiering its exciting new drama series, Rajaa Betaa this Saturday at 11:00 am and from February it will be moving to its permanent slot at 10:00 pm every Monday to Friday with a repeat slot at 16h00.

Rajaa Betaa tells the story of Vedant Ramesh Tripathi, a highly qualified gynaecologist who was orphaned directly after birth only to be adopted by doctor Murari Das Tripathi who insisted his good-for-nothing son Ramesh raise Vedant as his own son.

Brought up by a deeply discouraging, disinterested father but with the love of his foster grandfather, Vedant, portrayed by newcomer Rahul Sudhir, is dedicated to giving back to a family that never truly considered him their own and largely turned to him for their own vested interests.

Rajaa Betaa is ultimately about an orphan’s dream to reunite his adopted, fractured family in to honour his beloved grandfather’s dreams.

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