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Commercants ne stockez pas du riz ration

Le ministère du Commerce a publié un communiqué faisant état que des consommateurs ne trouvaient pas des sachets de riz ration dans certains points de vente.

The Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection wishes to inform the Public that the State Trading Corporation (STC) has resumed normal distribution of Long Grain White Rice (Ration Rice) since some weeks now. The STC has been distributing on average some 90 Metric Tonnes per day across the island and Rodrigues.

This Ministry has received complaints on a number of cases of hoarding, wherein traders are keeping a stock of Long Grain White Rice sold by the STC in warehouses and not making available for sale to the Public. This is being done to cause an artificial scarcity on the market and promote the sale of non-subsidised commercial products.

The Ministry wishes to remind and warn traders who are conducting such malpractices that according to Section 17 of the Consumer (Price and Supplies Control) Act, traders should display a specimen of every goods kept for sale/stored in that part of the trading premises to which the public has access.

Officers of the Consumer Affairs Unit are continuously monitoring the situation and contraventions against defaulting traders are being issued as per legislation.

The Public is invited to report any retail outlet wherein hoarding practices are being conducted through the following:
185 – Hotline of the Consumer Affairs Unit
460 2500 – Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection
www.csu.mu – CSU Portal

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