Quatres vols et un accident

C’est le résumé du rapport de la police mauricienne sur les faits divers du 18 avril 2013.
1. Triolet Police – Larceny on Public Road
On 18.04.20132 at 1835 hrs, Mrs R 33 yrs, no calling, residing at Triolet reported that earlier at about 1720 hrs, she was standing near her shop situated at Trou aux Biches Road, Triolet when an unknown man wearing an integral crash helmet accosted her. Thereupon, latter snatched her gold chain and rode on a m/cycle colour blue, whose rider was waiting afar. She was not injured. Value stolen Rs 15,000/.

Eastern Division
2. Flacq Police- Larceny Breaking
On 18.04.2013 at 1050 hrs, Mrs D, 46 yrs, maid, residing at Belle Mare reported that between 15.04.2013 and 17.04.2013 a store situated on a plot of land belonging to her at Flacq was broken into. 200 iron bars, a grinder, 10 galvanised pipes, 20 pound of nails and several other materials, all worth about Rs 70,000/- were stolen.

Western Division
3. Beau Bassin Police- Larceny with violence
On 18.04.2013 at 1400 hrs, Mrs. M, 77 yrs, residing at Beau Bassin reported that on same day at about 0550 hrs, she was at MCB ATM situated at Beau Bassin withdrawing money. Whilst inserting the pin code, an unknown man wearing integral helmet dealt her a blow from behind. Thereupon, she rushed to her car leaving her card in the Teller machine. She then noticed the malefactor, collecting money there from and speeding away on m/cycle reg. no 35 D. Later after having verified the account at Beau Bassin MCB she was informed that sum of Rs 10,000/- had been withdrawn there from.

Central Division
4. Phoenix Police – Larceny breaking
On 18.04.2013 at 2245hrs, Mrs A, 59 yrs, Director and residing at Phoenix reported that on same night at about 2030 hrs she left her place for Quatre Bornes. When she came back at 2130 hrs, she noticed that her house was broken into and several articles and personal belongings were found scattered in on the floor. An inventory is presently (19.04.2013) being carried out.

5. Grande Montagne Police – Serious Road Accident
On 18.04.2013 at 0945 hrs, Mr H, 21 yrs, residing at La Ferme reported that earlier at about 0615 hrs, he was driving a lorry whilst negotiating a steep curve at Mt Cherie road, G, residing at La Ferme who was standing in the lorry basket fell on the road. He was seriously injured and conveyed to hospital.
Note: On same day, the said G. was conveyed to Mauritius and is admitted to PMOC. The driver was negatively alcootested.

6. Report on Crackdown Operation
On 18.04.2013, a crackdown operation was carried out in Metro ‘South’ Division u together with the help of ADSU personnel and Police dog. Several houses and workshops were searched and the outcomes are as follows:-
(i) Drugs seizures
• One cannabis plant and other instruments used to smoke cannabis were secured at the place of Mr L, 32 yrs, no calling, residing at La Tour Koenig. He is detained.
• 19 pills labeled Xprim and Tramadol suspected to be dangerous drugs were secured during a search at the place of Mr I, 41 yrs, no calling, residing at La Tour Koenig. He is detained.

(ii) Business operating without a valid permit,
• Mr T, 24 yrs, mechanic, residing at GRNW was booked for operating a mechanical workshop without a valid permit.
• Mr E, 54 yrs, mechanic, residing at Bell Village was booked for operating a mechanical workshop without a valid permit and Obstruction.
• Mr M, 23 yrs, electrician, residing at Port Louis was booked for operating an electrical workshop without a valid permit’.

NO. OF PERSONS ARRESTED (previous cases)
1. L, 24 yrs, residing at Vacoas for having on 04.03.2013 stolen the wallet of Mr Y, 32 yrs, residing at Vacoas.( Vacoas Police).

2. C, 24 yrs, watchman, residing at Sebastopol for having on 17.04.2013 stolen several clothing from Da Patten fair, situated at Rose Hill.( Rose Hill Police).

3. K, 29 yrs, residing at Roche Bois for having stolen a TV set from the place of Mr J, residing at Roche Bois.( Roche Bois Police)

4. J, 26 yrs, baker, residing at Montagne Blanche for having on 01.04.2013 stolen a P/Car. Case reported by Mr R, 63 yrs, self employed, residing at Bel Air Riv Seche.( Riviere Seche Police).

5. (i)N 27yrs, cook, residing at 9th Miles Triolet, (ii) R, 23 yrs, hairdresser, residing at Triolet and E, 49 yrs, mason, residing at Petit Raffray in connection with case murder (G/Bay Police).

6. (i) Mr E, 35 yrs,(ii) Mr E, 40 yrs, both residing at Trou D`Eau Douce and Mr J, 23 yrs, driver, residing at Flacq for having on 14.03.2013 stolen 1175 iron bars from a site of construction at Trou D`eau Douce. Case reported by Mr B, 38 yrs, residing at Lallmatie. (Trou D`eau Douce Police)

1. Possession of articles for use in connection with the administration of Heroin – One person arrested
2. Possession of Cannabis – One person arrested
3. Possession of Cannabis– One person arrested
4. Importation of Heroin- One person arrested.
5. Importation of Heroin- One person arrested.
6. Drug Dealing- One person arrested

Cultivating Cannabis
30 Plants in Central Division

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