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WHO and France convene high-level meeting to defeat meningitis

Building on recent progress against meningitis, including the rollout of a highly safe and effective new vaccine in Nigeria to help end large-scale meningitis outbreaks, global leaders are coming together at the Institut Pasteur on 26 April 2024 in Paris to discuss implementation of the global roadmap for “Defeating Meningitis by 2030”. Spearheaded by the French government and the World Health Organization (WHO), and with partners including Institut Pasteur, Gavi, Unicef and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this event builds on the first-ever World Health Assembly resolution on meningitis that was initiated by France.

This ground-breaking plan looks holistically at not only how to detect, control and beat meningitis in every region of the world but also how to rehabilitate those that already have the deadly disease.

After a century of devastating epidemics, consigning the African meningitis belt to history is now a dream that could become a reality.

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