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Les décisions du Conseil des Ministres du 23 juin 2023

Nouvelle réunion du Cabinet Ministeriel avec la décision de promulguer l’Information and Communication Technologies (Registration of SIM) Regulations 2023 concernan la vent des cartes SIMS, de la Civil Aviation (Amendment) Regulations 2023 pour definir le mot « Heliport » et varemplacer « Helipad » dans la loi, la signature d’une convention « Convention cadre relative à l’expertise culturelle française sur le projet de Musée intercontinental de l’esclavage », du mobre ce cas de la Covid-19 (23) et de la Dengue à Maurice et Rodrigues entre autres.

1. Cabinet has agreed to the promulgation of the Information and Communication Technologies (Registration of SIM) Regulations 2023 to control the sale and use of SIM cards in line with the recommendations of the Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Drug Trafficking, chaired by Former Judge P. Lam Shang Leen, published in 2018. The existing Regulations would be repealed. The new Regulations would be effective as from 31 October 2023, providing a period of four months to mobile operators for the full implementation of their systems. Existing subscribers of SIM cards would be required to re-register their SIM Cards not later than 30 April 2024.

2. Cabinet has agreed to the promulgation of the Civil Aviation (Amendment) Regulations 2023 which provide for the definition of “heliport” as “an aerodrome or a defined area on a structure intended to be used wholly or in part for the arrival, departure and surface movement of helicopters”, in compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization Standards and Recommended Practices. “Helipad” would be replaced by “Heliport” in the Civil Aviation (Amendment) Regulations 2023.

3. Cabinet has agreed to the signing of the Convention cadre relative à l’expertise culturelle française sur le projet de Musée intercontinental de l’esclavage à Maurice between the Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage, the Intercontinental Slavery Museum Mauritius Ltd and the Ministry of Culture, France. The aim of the Agreement is to seek French cultural expertise for putting up the Museum. Assistance would be provided for the:
(a) setting up and operation of the future museum through the implementation of the scenography, development and setting up of the collection and management thereof;
(b) operation of the site and development of a cultural proposal by the identification of the target audience, elaboration of pathways for visit and development of appropriate up-to-date and user-friendly tools for the visits;
(c) establishment of a regional centre for research on slavery, trade and indentured labour; and
(d) management and reinforcement of the resources of the museum by setting up the staff organigram and conceptualisation of training needs.

4. Cabinet has taken note that the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security, in collaboration with the Mauritius Cane Industry Authority (MCIA), would hold a ceremony for the presentation of the National Biomass Framework to the relevant stakeholders including the United Nations Development Programme, the European Union, the Independent Power Producers, the Central Electricity Board, the Millers, the land owners and the planters on Monday 26 June 2023 at the MCIA.

5. Cabinet has taken note of the launching of a pilot project for the provision of residential training facilities to a group of elite athletes who were actively preparing for the 2024 Olympic Games. The main objective of this pilot project would be to create an optimal environment with a view to empowering the elite athletes to unlock their full potential and strive for excellence.

6. Cabinet has taken note of the reported cases of dengue in Mauritius and Rodrigues and the public health measures being taken in terms of surveillance, fogging and larviciding activities in the concerned regions.

7. Cabinet has taken note that as at 21 June 2023, there were 23 active cases of COVID-19, out of which six were admitted at the New ENT Hospital. Over the period 15 to 21 June 2023, no death was attributed to COVID-19.

8. Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of the 6th Meeting of the Groupe de contact Maurice Réunion sur la sécurité held in Reunion Island on 06 June 2023. Discussions focused on five main themes, namely : Sécurité Intérieure; Sécurité Maritime; la Circulation entre les deux îles; Coopération judiciaire; and Lutte contre les atteintes à l’environnement. The Committee took note of the progress made following the last meeting as well as current state of collaboration in each theme. The two countries agreed, inter alia, to:
(a) formalise the exchange of information between the maritime surveillance centres of the two islands for the detection of suspected vessels and prevention of accidents at sea;
(b) continue the capacity building programme of Officers of the Mauritius Revenue Authority and les douanes de la Réunion as well as to formalise the cooperation between the two entities;
(c) study the possibility of collaboration in terms of combatting illegal migration and to reinforce the exchange of information on that issue;
(d) consider potential areas of collaboration between the two islands with respect to counter terrorism; and
(e) enhance the cooperation in judicial/legal matters.

9. Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of the Workshop on Countering Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Training on Child Protection System for Countering Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse held in Mauritius. These training sessions were conducted by the Attorney General’s Office with the support of the EU Delegation in Mauritius. The purpose of the training was to increase the knowledge and develop the skills of participating law enforcement officers for the effective use of the Child Protection System for investigations on Online Child Sexual Abuse and for offender management.

10. Cabinet has taken note of the findings of the National Wage Consultative Council as contained in its fifth Report on the impact of the implementation of the national minimum wage since January 2018 and its review in January 2020. The Report would be uploaded on the website of the Ministry of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training.
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11. Cabinet has taken note that the Board of the Mauritius Film Development Corporation has approved the renewal of the contract of Mr Sachin Jootun as General Manager of the Mauritius Film Development Corporation.

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