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[Document] Suspended parliament membres can perform no other parliamentary function like putting questions/motions.

Du nouveau au Parlement avec l’annonce faite au Parlement en début de la séance du 13 juillet 2023 concernant l’impossibilité pour une ou un député de déposer ses questions parlementaires ou des motions quand elle ou il est sous l’effet d’une suspension.


Standing Order 27

The Speaker shall decide whether a question is or is not admissible under these Orders and may disallow any question when, in his or her opinion, it is an abuse of the right of questioning or calculated to obstruct or affect prejudicially the proceedings of the Assembly and shall disallow any question if it infringes any of these Orders. Where a 16 question is disallowed the question shall not appear on the Order Paper or in any report of the proceedings of the Assembly. Any notice which contains unbecoming expressions or offends against any of these Orders may be amended by the Speaker and may thereupon appear on the Order Paper.

Standing Order 21(4)

When a question has been refused or amended, and the Member concerned wishes to make representations to the Speaker on the matter, these must be made privately to the Speaker and not raised by way of a point of order in the Assembly.
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