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Sookdeo Bissoondoyal State College wins the 2023 Omnicane Award

Composed by Vaydeesh Koonjbeeharry, Dilesha Rumon, Prishnee Doolar, Keane Vaibhavrao Chinea and Ruddy Elan Bhujun, the Sookdeo Bissoondoyal State College has won the 2023 edition Omnicane Award.

With a participation of 63 entries, the theme for this year was: ‘This year, Mauritius celebrates its 55th year of independence and the Mauritian media commemorates its 250th year of existence. How will the local media continue fulfilling its mission of being the watchdog of democracy and freedom of information in this digital era within the process of nation building for the Republic of Mauritius?

The runner-up team is the Queen Elizabeth College team composed of: – Zaara Toorawa, Sanhya Putchay, Shruti Lallchand, Nielina Babajee, Pravashinee Sookun, the third prize was attributed to Sir Abdool Raman Osman State College represented by Vikshit Gopaul, Sahisht Rajkomar, Rhea Soobrayen, Sayyad Chitamun, and Rishul Ramdawon.

The Chairperson of the Media Trust, Chayman Surajbali, thanked the Omnicane Foundation for having chosen a theme that rightfully pays a tribute to the local media and the press. According to him, the media is regarded as the tribune of the people and plays a pivotal role in promoting democracy and the rights of people.

He added that the Government takes a keen interest in the welfare of journalists and the Media Trust provides high standards of professional training to serving journalists with focus on ethical standards, professionalism, impartiality, and accuracy.

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