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Quatre propriétaires ne donnent pas le feu vert à la NDU à Canal Dayot

Les membres du gouvernement ont pris note que certains travaux dans ce quartier de Port-Louis n’ont pas eu l’approbation de quatre résidents afin que la National Développement Unit pusse passer sur leurs terrains pour continuer le projet.

Cabinet has taken note of the status of the upgrading works being carried out by the National Development Unit (NDU) at Canal Dayot. The works had to be stopped in view of the refusal of some owners to allow access through their property on the site where such works have to be undertaken. Several meetings were held with the inhabitants concerned and out of 13 owners, only nine gave the right to access their property to enable the start of the work. Despite all efforts and justifications given for the implementation of the project during public relation exercises, four owners were still not agreeable to give permission to the NDU.
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