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Handover from the Embassy of Japan of 2 new ultrasound machines and 1 seven-seaters vehicle to MFPWA

On the 18th of September 2023, the Embassy of Japan in Mauritius and the NGO “Mauritius Family Planning Association” (MFPWA) officiated the handover ceremony of 2 new ultrasound machines and 1 seven-seaters vehicle at the MFPWA center in Port-Louis.

The ceremony was attended by H.E. Mr. Marie Cyril Eddy Boissezon, the Vice President of the Republic of Mauritius, Hon. Dr. Marie Christiane Dorine Chukowry, Minister of Commerce and Consumer Protection, H.E Mr. KAWAGUCHI Shuichiro, Ambassador of Japan to Mauritius, Mr. Poubarlanaden Appavoo, chairman of MFPWA, staff from the Embassy of Japan and the NGO as well as relevant stakeholders. This project was funded through Japan’s official development assistance programme, Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP, or « KUSANONE »).

The Grant has been allocated to the NGO for “The Project for Provision of Ultrasound Machines for Gynecological and Abdomen Screening and Vehicle” which formalized the amount of 69,641 EUR (approximately 3.1 million MUR). In his speech, the Ambassador KAWAGUCHI Shuichiro stated that the grant assistance is a renewed expression of support from Japan in the fight for the prevention of cancer.

With the acquirement of this new equipment from Japan, 2 new ultrasound machines by Konica Minolta and 1 seven-seaters vehicle from Toyota, the NGO will be able to:
1 provide gynaecological and abdomen screening services to more people.
2 visit and provide more services including emergency interventions in the communities, thanks to a better access to the areas with narrow streets.

The project aims at increasing the early detection of diseases such as breast cancer, cervical cancer and prostate cancer. The MFPWA has been facing difficulties in providing their services as 2 ultrasound machines are getting old and often break down. These machines were funded by the GGP in 2007 and have been active for more than 16 years.

The services provided and activities by MFPWA include gynaecological and abdomen screening, promotion of sexual reproductive health and rights, HIV/AIDS campaign, the empowerment of women, capacity building of vulnerable people and other health and family welfare programmes in the community.

GGP is a small-scale assistance scheme offered by the Government of Japan since 1989. It provides financial support to non-profit organisations for implementing projects aimed for economic and social development at the grassroots level in the areas such as health, education and poverty relief.

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