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Mauritius improves its position in the GFCI 34,

Mauritius has once again demonstrated its exceptional standing in the global financial sphere, achieving a commendable ranking in the latest edition of the Global Financial Centre Index (“GFCI”).

The Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (“FSC”) is indeed pleased to inform stakeholders of the financial services industry and the public that Mauritius has improved its rank by 13 places in the GFCI 34 released today. To this effect, Mauritius now ranks 68th and has gained 24 ranks, moving from the 92nd spot in September 2022 to reach the 68th rank in September 2023.

The GFCI, a biannual report by Z/Yen Group published since 2007, evaluates and ranks financial centres worldwide based on various critical indicators such as business environment, human capital, infrastructure, and reputation. The GFCI measures and assesses the competitiveness and rankings of financial centres across the world and thus serves as a valuable reference for policy and investment decision-makers.

Mauritius, with its robust financial infrastructure and conducive business environment, has secured a prominent position in this esteemed ranking. The recent release of the GFCI showcased Mauritius climbing the ranks, reflecting its continuous efforts to enhance its financial ecosystem and attract international investments. This achievement underscores the country’s commitment to fostering a thriving financial sector that promotes growth, innovation, and sustainability.

Mauritius, recognised for its stability and resilience, stands as a strategic hub for investment and financial services, serving as a gateway between Africa, Asia, and beyond. The jurisdiction’s dedication to maintaining high standards of governance and regulatory practices has bolstered its reputation as a trustworthy and transparent financial centre. « We are delighted with Mauritius’ positive performance in the Global Financial Centre Index 34, » said Mr Dhanesswurnath Thakoor.

« It reflects the drive of the Board of the FSC to dedicate resources for the improvement of our ranking in the index and the concerted efforts of our government, regulatory bodies, and industry stakeholders in nurturing an attractive financial ecosystem. We remain committed to further enhancing our financial infrastructure and regulatory framework to propel Mauritius as a leading global financial hub. »

This accomplishment is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the public and private sectors, showcasing Mauritius’ vision and determination to position itself as a competitive player on the global financial landscape. The FSC would like to express its gratitude to its stakeholders for the collective endeavour to strengthen Mauritius as a leading financial hub.

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