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Nipah Virus Infection in India

From the 12 to 15 September 2023, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, reported six laboratory-confirmed Nipah virus cases, including two deaths, in Kozhikode district, Kerala.

Aside from the first case, whose source of infection is unknown, the other cases were family and hospital contacts of the first case. As of 27 September 2023,1288 contacts of the confirmed cases were traced, including high-risk contacts and healthcare workers, who are under quarantine and monitoring for 21 days. Since 12 September, 387 samples have been tested, of which six cases were positive for Nipah virus infection, and all remaining samples tested negative. Since 15 September, no new cases have been detected. This is the sixth outbreak of Nipah virus in India since 2001.

Nipah virus infection, a zoonotic illness, is spread to humans through contact with infected animals such as bats and pigs. Additionally, direct contact with an infected individual can also lead to transmission, although this route is less common. Those affected by Nipah virus infection may experience severe symptoms, including acute respiratory infection and fatal encephalitis.

The only way to reduce or prevent infection in people is by raising awareness about the risk factors and preventive measures to protect themselves.

Case management should focus on providing patients with supportive care measures and intensive support for severe respiratory and neurologic complications.

State and national authorities activated a multisectoral coordination and response mechanism to contain the spread of the outbreak including enhanced surveillance and contact tracing, laboratory testing of suspected cases and high-risk contacts, hospital preparedness for case management, infection prevention and control (IPC), risk communication and community engagement.

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