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Mark Watkinson elected as new Chairperson of the MIoD

The Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD) announce d the results of its Annual Members Meeting held on 28th September 2023 which concluded with the election of a new Chairperson and an accomplished new Board of Directors. This leadership change marks a new chapter for the organization, bringing fresh perspectives and a renewed commitment to excellence.

Mark Watkinson has been elected as the new Chairperson of the MIoD. With an impressive background in banking with the HSBC over the past 33 years where he held senior leadership roles in 10 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East the new chairperso n brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and a passion for corporate governance that will undoubtedly drive the MIoD forward Mark Watkinson was also the CEO and principal board director for HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited and CEO and main board director for H SBC Bank Malta Ltd and is today the CEO of Bank One.

Mark Watkinson holds a law degree and is a barrister at law in the UK. He is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, holds an MBA from the University of Warwick and is a qualified chartered director from the Institute of Directors, UK. He was appointed as a d irector of the Mauritius Bankers Association and an Independent Non Executive Director of the MIoD . I n June 2023 Mark was also appointed as the chairperson of the Mauritius Bankers Association .
The new chairperson of the MIoD has expressed his enthusiasm for this new role, stating,

 » I’m honoured and committed to enhancing our services to meet diverse corporate needs. It is a role I approach with utmost respect and a resolve to elevate the impact and reach of our pivotal services, aligning them with the diverse needs of our multifaceted corporate sector. My aspirations stretch beyond service refinement; I am dedicated to bolstering the MIoD’s standing as the vanguard of corporate governance excellence. I aim to build on the strong foundation laid by Danny Balluck the former chairperson and the CEO Sheila Ujoodha. Key priorities include refining services for Members and Founders, maintaining a strong focus on education which is a cornerstone of the institution , and look to work across Africa with likeminded institutions to promote corporate governance best practice s and Mauritius as a great place to do business. I appreciate the dedication of our board members, both existing and new, who share our ambition to advance the MIoD’s agenda. Together, we’ll continue to drive positive change and growth. »

In addition to the appointment of the Chairperson, the MIoD Annual Members Meeting also saw the election of a diverse and accomplished Board of Directors. This new Board comprises individuals from various sectors and backgrounds, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. They will be working collaboratively to steer the MIoD toward new heights.

Board Composition

Board Composition of the MIoD:
•Mark Redmayne Watkinson Chairperson of the Board of Directors and Independent Non Executive Director
• Sheila Ujoodha Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
• Anuradha (Vimi) APPADOO Independent Non Executive Director
• Mahomed Aniff (Mamed) BABOO Independent Non Executive Director
• Virginie CORNEILLET Independent Non Executive Director
• Dev Harish HURKOO Independent Non Executive Director
• Mohamad Fardeen JE ETOO Independent Non Executive Director
• Shashi Kumar (Roshan) KOONJA Independent Non Executive Director
• Thiwantee (Pooja) RAMGUTTY Independent Non Executive Director
• Shalini JUGESSUR Independent Non Executive Director
• Jacqueline SAUZIER Independe nt Non Executive Director
• Caleyvarny (Kevina) TAKOORDYAL Independent Non Executive Director

« The election of our new Chairperson and Board represents a turning point for the MIoD . This change in leadership injects fresh impetus into the Institute , and we are excited about the innovative ideas and initiatives that lie ahead. With this dynamic
and forward thinking team, we embark on a new chapter in the MIoD’s journey, one 
that is shaped by collaboration, and a shared vision of promoting corporate governance « , shared Sheila Ujoodha, CEO of the MIoD.

The incoming leadership team’s focus will be on enhancing corporate governance practices, nurturing a culture of accountability and transparency, and providing valuable resources and support to the MIoD team and its Members.

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