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Debate on the Mauritius Commercial Bank Foundation taken out of turn.

À la demande de le ministre de l’Éducation au Speaker, il y a eu un changement dans l’ordre de l’agenda de la séance parlementaire du 31 octobre 2023.

Honourable Members,

I have an announcement to make regarding the order of business for the Debate on Public Bills.

I have received a request from the Honourable Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology for the Debate on the Mauritius Commercial Bank Foundation (Amendment) Bill to be taken out of turn.

Pursuant to the provisions of Standing Order 17(2), I have acceded to the request and the Assembly will proceed accordingly.

I thank you.

Arrangement of Business
17. (2) The Speaker may, at any time, allow the Order of Business set out on the Order Paper, to be altered in respect of any particular sitting or sittings.

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