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2,068,736 touristes depuis octobre 2021

Les membres du Cabinet ont pris note le 3 novembre 2023 que depuis la réouverture des frontières après la crise de la pandémie de la Covid-19, le pays a vu la visite de 2,068,736 touristes en un peu plus de deux ans.

Cabinet has taken note of the situational analysis of the tourism sector two years after the complete reopening of the borders to tourism on 01 October 2021. The cumulative number of tourists visiting Mauritius since 01 October 2021 has crossed the threshold of two million during the month of September 2023, reaching 2,068,736 tourists on 30 September 2023.

Tourist arrivals in Mauritius recovered by 92.6 percent for the period January to September 2023. The performance of the tourism sector since the reopening of the borders indicates that Mauritius is on the right track to reaching pre-pandemic numbers, subject to availability of sufficient air connectivity. The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority is implementing a market diversification strategy mainly in Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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