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Mega Blood Donation 2023

Le Mega Blood Donation 2023 aura lieu du 18 au 21 décembre 2023 dans les locaux de la Municipalité de Port-Louis et la Rue du Vieux Conseil.

Cabinet has taken note that the Mega Blood Donation 2023 would be organised by the Ministry of Health and Wellness in collaboration with the Blood Donors Association from Monday 18 December to Thursday 21 December 2023 on the premises of the Municipal City Council of Port Louis and La Rue du Vieux Conseil.
The objectives of the Mega Blood Donation event would be to:
(a) cope with the continuous demand for blood and blood components during the festive months of December and January;
(b) raise awareness among the population on the importance of blood donation and ensure an adequate pool of blood donors; and
(c) encourage networking among other Non-Governmental Organisations for the organisation of blood donation activities during the whole year.

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