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Women in Leadership with Grace and Grit

The Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD), in collaboration with the Institute of Directors Kenya (IoD Kenya), hosted the ‘Women in Leadership with Grace and Grit’ online webinar on Wednesday 22 November 2023.

This initiative of the Women Directors Forum, an Advocacy Forum of the MIoD in collaboration with Dale Carnegie Mauritius, served as a pivotal platform for collaboration and empowerment for members of both Institutes, sharing success stories, and forging cross-border networks between Mauritius and Kenya.

Sheila Ujoodha CEO of the MIoD
Sheila Ujoodha 

« The MIoD is proud to begin this collaborative venture with the IoD Kenya for this initiative on such a crucial topic as Diversity and inclusion, which is among our top priorities in promoting best corporate governance practices in the public and private sectors. This also aligns with the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance. ‘Women in Leadership with Grace and Grit’ is a pivotal event in this journey, creating a powerful connection between our members and the members of IoD Kenya. This platform helped strengthen relations and provided opportunities for members from both institutes to engage and exchange valuable insights, contributing to a broader vision of enhancing the role of women in the corporate governance landscape in the African region,” shared Sheila Ujoodha, CEO of MIoD.

This event was more than an opportunity to inspire and elevate women in leadership roles; it was a vital step in fostering a diverse and inclusive business environment on a global scale. The interactions during the webinar not only highlighted the unique challenges and triumphs faced by women leaders but also underscored the importance of cross-border collaboration in broadening perspectives and strengthening connections within the African business community and beyond.

Meshack Joram
Meshack Joram

“I am truly honored to be part of this insightful webinar on ‘Women Leadership with Grace and Grit’. As we navigate the complexities of the modern professional landscape, it is crucial to recognize and celebrate the dynamic leadership that women bring to the table. ‘Grace and Grit’ encapsulate the essence of resilient, compassionate, and strong leadership that is often synonymous with women leaders. This webinar serves as a platform to delve into the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of women in leadership roles. By sharing our stories and insights, we hope to inspire, empower, and foster a more inclusive leadership paradigm. Together, let us champion the invaluable contribution of women in leadership, paving the way for a more equitable and diverse future,” expressed Meshack Joram, CEO of IoD Kenya.



In 2023, the MIoD has made significant strides in its commitment to diversity and inclusion, particularly in leadership roles within Mauritian businesses. The Women Directors Forum and the MIoD’s ‘Path to Boardroom’ program have been instrumental in this regard. The Women Leadership Academy, a core component of the ‘Path to Boardroom’ program, has now successfully prepared 185 women who can bring their insights, fresh perspectives and expertise to boardrooms. In parallel, the MIoD’s ‘Board Recruitment’ service has been supporting listed companies in achieving the 25% target for women representation on their boards, ensuring that they are not just ticking a compliance box, but rather finding the right candidates that fit and align with their values and strategic objectives. The MIoD also co-hosted the 2nd bi-annual Women in Governance Series earlier this year along with five other corporate governance Institutes worldwide, and recently participated in the Women Legacy Programme – Global
Immersion Conference organised by The Global Exec and the International Women’s Forum in line with its ongoing commitment to global female leadership.

The Institute’s actions, supported by its various initiatives, demonstrate its perseverance and rigorous dedication to championing Diversity and Inclusion, as the key corporate governance partner for both the public and private sectors in Mauritius and in the region. The ‘Women in Leadership with Grace and Grit’ event marks another significant milestone in these efforts, offering a platform for idea exchange, learning from successful women leaders, and building valuable cross-border connections. The insights and experiences shared at the event transcend mere networking; they symbolize a unifying force for diverse global leaders.

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