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Tourism in Mauritius bounces back in 2023

Known for its pristine beaches, dramatic lagoon, charming landscapes and vibrant culture, Mauritius has experienced a notable recovery in its tourism sector in 2023.

A marked rebound after being hard-hit by the health crisis, confirming the resilience of the destination, which meets the current trends and expectations of travellers looking to unwind and recharge while enjoying authentic and memorable experiences.

Tourism is an activity that contributes to the country’s economic and social development. The sector is of vital importance due to its economic significance, accounting for some 24% of gross domestic product and employing around 10% of the local workforce. It is also a major source of foreign currency. Additionally, there is awareness of the importance of preserving natural resources and promoting sustainability, with the destination aiming to achieve green certification by 2030.

The “Feel our island energy” campaign, launched in March 2023 by the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA), has achieved significant success among industry professionals and tourists. It is an invitation to discov-er the unique, intense energy of Mauritius, the placevto embrace every energy, a destination to feel connected and be free.

The campaign achieved international acclaim as “Destination Media Campaign” at the Hospitality ON Awards held in November 2023 in Paris, France. Showcasing the most innovative approaches and concepts, the event was held under the patronage of the French President, Emmanuel Macron.

Donald Payen and Arvind Bundhun, respectively Chairperson and Director of the MTPA, jointly express their appreciation for the considerable efforts made by all stakeholders and the results achieved.

« We are delighted to see the results of the collaborative work carried out under the aegis of the Public/Private Tourism Sector Committee, initiated by the Deputy Prime Minister and responsible Minister, Mr Steven Obeegadoo. We have high hopes for the future and firmly intend to continue expanding our destination’s global reach.”

Messrs Payen and Bundhun both look forward to “a promising 2024 and another productive and fulfilling year for all stakeholders of our destination.”

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