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Pas de pèche de thon du 1er au 31 mai 2024

Dans le cadre de de la Résolution, Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) Resolution 23/03, Maurice en 2024 va interdire la pèche du Bigeye et Yellowfin Tuna afin d’augmenter la population de ces poissons mains une interdiction qui ne sera pas appliqué au bateau de moins de 12 mètres.

Cabinet has taken note that Mauritius would, pursuant to the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) Resolution 23/03 on “Establishing a voluntary Fishing Closure in the Indian Ocean for the conservation of tropical tunas”, observe a voluntary fishing closure for a period of 31 consecutive days from 01 to 31 May 2024, of all gears of tuna fishing in the IOTC Area of Competence. The Resolution aims at achieving, inter alia, the following objectives:
(a) rebuilding the Bigeye and Yellowfin tuna stocks and bringing back the Skipjack tuna catches closer to the sustainable levels in a collective effort from all Non-Contracting Parties; and
(b) providing for a fishing closure of one month for all gears as a means of reducing catches to sustainably manage the available fish stocks for future generations.
The closure of 31 days would not apply to fishing vessels of less than 12 metres so as to prevent a disproportionate burden on artisanal fishing.
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