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Quarterly National Acc​ounts for 3rd Quarter 2023

GVA growth rate for the third quarter of 2023 over the corresponding quarter of 2022 is estimated at 4.9%.

The growth is mainly due to:
(i)​​ ​“Construction » (1.7 percentage points);
​(ii) ​“Accommodation and food service activities » (1.0 percentage point);
​(iii)​ “Agriculture, forestry and fishing » (0.4 percentage point);​
​(iv) ​“Transportation and storage » (0.4 percentage point);
​(v) ​ “Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles » (0.3 percentage point);​
​(vi) ​ “Information and communication » (0.2 percentage point);​
​(vii) ​“Financial and insurance activities » (0.2 percentage point);
​(viii) ​ “Professional, scientific and technical activities » (0.2 percentage point); and
​(ix) ​“Art, entertainment and recreation » (0.2 percentage point).

Exports of goods and services further contracted by 0.2%, same as that observed in the previous quarter. The decrease of 0.2% was due to decreases in exports of goods (-12.4%), partly offset by increases in exports of services (3.8%).

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