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80 nations converge in Riyadh for historic ministerial roundtable

The Future Minerals Forum (FMF) has made waves with the announcement that its upcoming Ministerial Roundtable, scheduled for January 9, 2024, is set to shatter attendance records, drawing participation from 80 countries. A remarkable 45 of these nations will dispatch ministers to engage in discussions with stakeholders, accompanied by 20 international organizations, 30 non-governmental organizations, and 13 business associations.

As the paramount global assembly on minerals, the Ministerial Roundtable marks a historic juncture for the mining and metals sector worldwide. It underscores the pivotal role of the Super Region, spanning from Africa to West and Central Asia, and highlights the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leadership in this domain.

Initiated by Saudi Arabia, the Ministerial Roundtable is a government-driven, multi-stakeholder endeavor aimed at fostering international collaboration on the production of critical minerals vital for the energy sector’s transformation. This significant meeting comes at a time when the mineral sector grapples with unprecedented challenges spurred by the escalating demand for energy transition minerals and metals, prompting countries globally to fortify their supply chains.

In addition to addressing the anticipated global challenges, the Ministerial Roundtable emphasizes the need for collaboration to navigate the complex landscape of the minerals industry. H.E. Vice-Minister for Mining Affairs, Khalid Al-Mudaifer, lauded the substantial attendance of ministers, attributing it to the Kingdom’s political and economic influence. Al-Mudaifer expressed, « High-level government representation, from both mineral-producing and consuming nations, underscores global awareness of the critical role minerals play. It reflects the urgency with which countries seek to secure reliable supply chains, particularly for strategic minerals essential to energy transformation initiatives and related industries. »

The Roundtable’s agenda encompasses discussions on the intense international competition within the metals market. Participants will deliberate on strategies to create a collaborative space for nations amid this competition, aiming to foster agreements that benefit all involved parties.

As the countdown to the Ministerial Roundtable begins, the global stage is set for a diplomatic and strategic exchange that could reshape the dynamics of the minerals industry and consolidate the Future Minerals Forum’s position as a premier global platform shaping the future of minerals.

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