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Weather Outlook for next five days

Latest satellite imagery indicates a tropical disturbance evolving to the north of St Brandon. This tropical disturbance will continue to intensify and is expected to reach a Moderate Tropical Storm intensity during the night today Friday 12 January or early in the morning tomorrow Saturday 13 January. It will then be named “Belal”.

Unstable atmospheric conditions are expected to establish in the vicinity of Mauritius as from tomorrow.

Evolution of the weather systems for the next five days

Once named, Moderate tropical Storm Belal is expected to initially track towards the southwest and then towards the southeast bringing it very close to Mauritius on Monday. Depending on its speed of movement it may pass very close to Mauritius either in the afternoon or during the night on Monday.
A cyclone warning Class I is likely to be in force in Mauritius as from tomorrow Saturday during the day.

Weather outlook:

St Brandon: Weather will be showery and thundery with gusts as from tonight. The maximum gusts expected may be of the order 90 km/hr on Saturday. Sea will become very rough with swells.

A deterioration in weather is expected as from tomorrow, Saturday during the day with more frequent showers and gradual increase in the windspeed.

Wind will further increase on Sunday blowing from the east at a mean wind speed 40 km/h with gusts reaching 80 km/h. The wind will increase further during the night.

Weather will remain showery with thunderstorm.

There is possibility of cyclonic conditions as from Monday evening.


As “Belal” moves closer towards our region clouds bands may start to influence weather over Rodrigues.

Weather will become showery as from Monday night that will persist on Tuesday.

Strong winds, heavy swells and heavy rain may prevail over Rodrigues as from Monday night. Appropriate warnings would be issued.

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