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Resumption of Air Mauritius flights with the re-opening of SSR Intl. Airport

Air Mauritius informs the public of the resumption of its flights after the re-opening of SSR Intl. Airport.

Passengers scheduled to travel from Johannesburg on MK852 on Monday 15 January 2024 and MK852 on Tuesday 16 January 2024 respectively, have been transferred on MK1852 as per timings above.

Air Mauritius makes an appeal to all its passengers not to show up at the airport until they have been informed of the timings of their rescheduled flights.

Air Mauritius will keep its passengers informed of affected flights through its Call Centre, on its website at airmauritius.com, on its social media platforms and through regular communiques.

Air Mauritius regrets any inconvenience caused by this situation beyond its control.

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