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Future Candice: Huitième et dernier bulletin pour Rodrigues

Latest observations indicate that the marked low pressure did not develop further and has changed its trajectory towards the west southwest. The associated cloud system which was located to the northwest of the centre of the low pressure are moving away from our region.

At 0400 hours, the low pressure was located about 625 km almost to the west of Rodrigues, near 19.9 degrees south and 57.3 degrees east. It is now moving in a general west-south-westerly direction at a mean speed of 13 km/h.

No cyclone warning is in force in Rodrigues

Cloudy with passing showers that may be moderate at times with isolated thunderstorms.

Wind north-easterly at 45 km/h, with gusts of 90 km/h.

Sea very rough beyond the reefs with swells. Public is advised not to venture at sea.

For additional information, the public is advised to consult the regular bulletins issued by the Maurtius Meteorlogical Services.

No cyclone warning is in force in Rodrigues.

Aucun avertissement de cyclone n'est en vigueur à Maurice
Aucun avertissement de cyclone n’est en vigueur à Maurice

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