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NGOs H.E.L.P and APSA International sign with the Embassy of Japan

On the 11th of January 2024, the Embassy of Japan in Mauritius signed with two NGOs, Humanitarian, Education and Liberation Project (H.E.L.P) and Association pour la Promotion de la Sante (APSA International), the documents formalizing the allocation of 20,176 EUR (approximately 930,000 MUR) and 57,741 EUR (approximately 2,6M MUR) respectively. This was made possible through Japan’s official development assistance programme, Grant assistance for Grassroots Projects (GGP).

The Grant will be allocated to the H.E.L.P for its “Project for the Provision of Vehicle for Social Rehabilitation Support”. The NGO has a day-care centre in Port-Louis and its mission is to provide counselling, treatment and aftercare to beneficiaries who are struggling with drug addiction, so as to prevent relapse cases and promote social rehabilitation. This project will enable to acquire a vehicle and provide free transportation to beneficiaries who need receive treatment at the day care centre.

The NGO’s main activities is to run two Diabetes Care Centre and provide one-stop shop services for Type 2 diabetes such as consultations, foot-care treatment, neuro-rehabilitation programs, nutrition workshops and educational group sessions.

With the allocation of this grant, APSA International will be able to purchase one ultrasound machine, two Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) machine and work on the installation of drop-off zones.

With the new ultrasound machine, the NGO will be providing cardiovascular and microvascular screening services which promote early detection. The new two ABPA machines will provide fast and accurate assessment for blood flow which is essential to prevent foot complications. Also within this project, APSA International aims at providing a safe environment for the elderly, patients with complications on their foot and ones in a wheelchair. This amounts to a total of around 2000 beneficiaries annually.

The documents were signed by His Excellency KAWAGUCHI Shuichiro, Ambassador of Japan and the two representatives of the NGOs, Mrs Luxshmee Ramdhun Bundhun, President of H.E.L.P) and Mrs Audrey Hardy, President APSA International on the 11th of January at, the Hindu House in Cassis and the Residence of the Ambassador in Floreal, respectively.

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