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Weather Outlook for Mauritius, Rodrigues and St-Brandon

The satellite pictures show the evolution of several tropical low-pressure areas in between latitudes 5 and 15 degrees south.


The latest available numerical weather prediction models still have lot of uncertainties and indicate the following:


a). A tropical low-pressure area to the southwest of Diego Garcia is expected to move towards the southwest and dissipate;

b). Another low-pressure area to the south-west of Agalega is expected to move towards the East. Available information indicates that there is a low probability for this system to intensify gradually into a Moderate Tropical Storm;

c). In the event, it reaches the Moderate Tropical Storm intensity next week, it will be named ‘DJOUNGOU’ while located far to the north of Rodrigues;

d). The low-pressure may influence the weather at St-Brandon on Wednesday 14 morning.

e). Depending on evolution, the system may influence the weather at Rodrigues as from Thursday 15 February.


Weather outlook  for Monday 12 February to Thursday 15 February, 2024


Few passing showers, moderate at times.

Wind mainly easterly 20 km/h with peaks of 50 km/h, increasing to 30km/h with gusts of 60km/h as from Wednesday 14



Passing showers, becoming frequent as from Thursday 15 February.

Wind east-south-easterly 25-35 km/h with gusts of the order of 70 km/h strengthening gradually by mid-week.

The sea will deteriorate gradually with wave heights of the order of 5 metres as from Thursday 15 February 2024.


St Brandon

Passing showers.

Wind Easterly 15km/h increasing to 30km/h with gusts of 65km/h as from Wednesday 14.

Sea will become rough as from the night of Tuesday 13.

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