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La Silver Bank mise sous administration

Dans un communiqué, la Banque de Maurice a informé le public et particulièrement les clients de cette banque qui est maintenant sous le contrôle d’un administrateur depuis le 13 février 2024 sous la section 65 de la Banking Act de 2004..

Communiqué de la Banque de Maurice
Communiqué de la Banque de Maurice

65. Appointment of conservator

Where the central bank deems it necessary in order to protect the assets of a financial institution for the benefit of its depositors and other creditors, it may appoint a conservator, which may be the central bank or any other person directed by the central bank to be conservator, if the central bank has reasonable cause to believe that –
(a) the capital of the financial institution is impaired or there is a threat of such impairment; or
(b) the financial institution has, or its directors have –
(i) engaged in practices detrimental to the interests of its depositors;
(ii) knowingly or negligently permitted its chief executive officer, any of its other managers, officers or employees or agents to violate any provision of the banking laws, any enactment relating to anti-money laundering or prevention of terrorism or directives, guidelines and instructions issued by the central bank; or
(c) actions or violations referred to in paragraph (b)(ii) are about to occur, or the assets of the financial institution are not sufficient to give adequate protection to the bank’s depositors or creditors.

Banking Act 2004

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