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The MOL Charitable Trust Announces the NGOs and Educational Institutes Selected for the Third Call for Proposals

Celebrating a pivotal moment in its mission towards sustainable development, the MOL Charitable Trust (MOL CT) announces the selection of 15 NGOs and Educational Institutes under the third Call for Proposals.

The projects selected are dedicated to a range of impactful initiatives and highlight MOL CT’s alignment with MOL Group’s core values in ‘Marine Environment’, ‘Biodiversity’, and ‘Human Resources Development’, reinforcing its commitment to addressing global environmental and societal challenges.

The partnerships encompass a variety of themes, including marine conservation, biodiversity protection, community empowerment, educational advancements, and the promotion of sustainable practices. These efforts are aimed at creating a lasting impact on both local communities and the environment, embodying MOL Group’s dedication to fostering a sustainable future.

Mr. Kazuhiko Sugano, Chairperson of the MOL Charitable Trust, said, “Through these partnerships, we are uniting with organizations that share our vision for a better world. Our collective actions will drive significant progress in marine conservation, biodiversity, and human development. »

His Excellency, Masahiro Kan, the Japanese Ambassador to Mauritius, emphasized the importance of these collaborations: “I believe it is a kind gesture to demonstrate MOL’s involvement in trying to support activities towards the restoration and protection of the natural environment and local communities while being in line with the United Nations SDGs and priority areas of the Mauritian Government.”

Mr. Koichiro Ninomiya, Head of Sustainability and non-Energy Business, Europe & Africa Region, MOL (Europe Africa) Ltd., shared, “Aligning our efforts with these NGOs allows us to amplify our impact, highlighting our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship and sustainable development across the globe.”

The collaboration with these NGOs marks a crucial step forward in MOL CT’s journey towards sustainable development. By focusing on strategic areas such as marine environment, biodiversity, and human resources development, MOL CT and its partners are setting a course for meaningful and sustainable impact. These initiatives not only align with MOL Group’s Corporate Citizenship Activities but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future for all.

A symbolic and networking event with the selected NGOs was organized at the Preskil Island Resort on the 31st of January 2024 as a kick-off of another year of rich and fruitful collaboration to contribute to the sustainable future of Mauritius.

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