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World Consumer Rights Day

Le ministère de la Protection des Consommateurs va organiser des activités lors de cette journée mondiale qui aura lieu le 15 mars 2024.

Cabinet has taken note of activities being organised by the Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection in the context of World Consumer Rights Day, celebrated every year on 15 March, to raise awareness about the protection and rights of consumers.

The activities would comprise:

a) dissemination of short video clips on the rights and responsibilities of consumers, legal obligation of traders, unfair trade practices or misleading consumers, among others;
(b) distribution of flyers/booklets to sensitise the public on the rights of consumers through the printed newspaper copies;
(c) participation on radio/TV programme and publication of press articles on specific issues relating to consumer protection; and
(d) targeted sensitisation and educational campaigns through talks in secondary schools, Women Centres and Citizens Advice Bureaus.

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