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Eleanor : Treizième et dernier bulletin de cyclone pour Maurice

Suite à la recommandation du National Crisis Committee, les avertissements de cyclone pour Maurice sont levés.


Aucun avertissement de cyclone n’est en vigueur à Maurice.

Des bandes nuageuses associées à Eleanor continueront à influencer le temps sur l’île avec des pluies intermittentes, modérées par moments avec risques d’orages isolés.
Il y aura des poches de brouillard sur les terrains élevés ce soir et demain matin.

Le vent soufflera du sud-ouest à environ 30 km/h avec des rafales de 70 km/h sous les averses.

La mer restera grosse avec des vagues de 6 à 8 mètres en haute mer. Il est fortement conseillé au public de ne pas s’aventurer en haute mer et sur les plages.

Aucun avertissement de cyclone n’est en vigueur à Maurice.


Based on the recommendation of the National Crisis Committee, all cyclone warnings for Mauritius are being waived.

No cyclone warning is in force in Mauritius.

Cloud bands associated with Eleanor will continue to influence weather over Mauritius with intermittent rain, moderate at times with risks of isolated thunderstorms. Patchy fog is expected over the highgrounds tonight and tomorrow morning.

Wind will blow from the south-west at a speed of about 30 km/h with gusts reaching 70 km/h in showers.

Sea will remain high with swells beyond the reefs and with wave heights of 6 to 8 metres. It is strictly advised not to go at sea and to avoid venturing along beaches.

No cyclone warning is in force in Mauritius.


Avek rekomandasion depi National Crisis Committee, pe enlev tou bann biltin warning siklonn.

Pena auken warning siklonn en viger lor Moris

Bann band niaz asosie avek Eleanor pe kontinie inflians letan lor moris avek lapli intermitan ki pu parfwa modere avek risk loraz. Pou oussi ena brouyar lor ban oter aswar ek dimin matin.

Divan pou soufle depi sid wes a anviron 30 km/h avek rafal 70 km/h kan ena lapli.

La mer pou bien move avek gro laoul 6 a 8 mett andeor brizan.
Ban sorti lor la mer strikteman deconseyer ek bizin evit fer ban promnad lor bann laplaz.

Pena auken warning siklonn en viger lor Moris.

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Termination : Following the issue of a cyclone warning class I, a cyclone warning class II or a safety bulletin, as the case may be, after consultation with, and following advice from the National Crisis Committee to the effect that outdoor risks have considerably decreased;

After the cyclone

  • Do not leave your shelter until the all-clear signals have been given by relevant Authorities.
  • Beware of fallen power lines, damaged buildings and trees and flooded water courses.
  • Do not consume fallen fruits.
  • Boil water for drinking purposes.

Clean yard and drain out stagnant water to prevent proliferation of mosquitoes/diseases

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