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5% des legumes affectés par Eleanor

Le gouvernement a pris note des effets et des destructions fait par les pluies et les vents d’Eleanor sur l’agriculture du pays ainsi que les infrastructure du pays.

Cabinet has taken note of the situation following the passage of cyclone Eleanor, namely:
(a) obstructions had been cleared and all main roads were practicable;
(b) the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service intervened on 85 different occasions island-wide;
(c) 166 evacuee centres were opened on 22 February 2024 and evacuees were present in 37centres. In the morning of 23 February 2024, all evacuees had left the centres;
(d) all water treatment plants were currently operational, expect for Rivière du Poste and Mont Blanc. All wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations were operational. Faults registered on 66kv and 22kv lines had been cleared and re-energized. Some 62 individual faults across the island were being attended to and were expected to be cleared on 23 February 2024;
(e) the Airport resumed its operations as from 1845 hours on 22 February 2024 and around 75 flight movements were expected on 22 and 23 February 2024. The Port had been opened to shipping activities at the port terminal and outer anchorage at 0530 hours on 23 February 2024. However, no cargo handling operations could be effected at the container terminal due to swells of about 1m80 which were not favourable for berthing of vessels; and
(f) a preliminary assessment had been carried out by the Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute in the agricultural sector and the estimated damage to food crops cultivation island-wide was around 5 percent, mostly in fine herbs, greens and crops at seedlings stage. There was no impact on greenhouses that were in production. A full survey would be carried out.
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