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Unlocking the full potential of economies through tourism

Africa is set to greatly benefit from the advancement and embrace of global tourism owing to its rich natural resources and history. Tourists want to experience the natural, sandy beaches, tropical weather, safaris and culture.

Cultural heritage has recently been appreciated with tourists travelling far and wide to indulge in the art, historical narrations, dance, cultural practices, architecture, food and drinks.

With the growth of the service sector, most African economies are delving into and building the service sector. This move is aimed at reducing over-reliance on the agricultural sector that we are widely known for. The growth of tourism will be inevitable with this strategy, leading to diversified economy sectors. This realization is also boosted by the fact that the tourism sector is not fully biased academically. Men, women and youth can contribute to the transformation even with low and medium levels of education. The industry drives the economy across all levels as it is not a reserve for the middle and high class. Every contribution is vital for national economic growth of the host country.

The impact of tourism goes beyond creation of employment opportunities, there is growth of the local community, economic growth stimulation and investors’ attraction.

The World Bank report indicates that Mauritius ranks high as a free economy and is classified as the best in Africa and number 13 globally for business and investments.

Mauritius, an upper middle economy has anchored its tourism sector on favorable legal and investments’ policies, stable economy and political stability.

Progressive and future oriented policies have transformed Mauritius from a known small island to a globally recognized state with various stable markets in agriculture and now tourism. With more than one million guests annually, this is the country to watch alongside Kenya.

Tourism sector emerging trends

The need state of tourists has evolved over the years with the focus shifting to experiences from the initial services. Guests want fusion between memories and life experiences merging both business and pleasure. Resorts and hotel designs and teams have to provide layouts that relate and evoke emotions of the tourists. Guests are more inclined to wellness (health and social), nature (recalibration and recouping) through yoga or specially curated classes where guests connect with nature, that reiterate the location’s unique culinary delights or array of natural resources identity and uniqueness.

Reciprocal tourism agreements between countries, such as Kenya and Mauritius have promoted mutually beneficial business relationships and agreements that have boosted both economies. Kenya Airways and Air Mauritius flights between both countries has eased operations and accessibility for all tourists and guests looking to visit.

Entrepreneurs play a major role in the development and expansion of the tourism sector. Morris Musyoka, a Kenyan business man in various sectors and a keen interest in Kenya and soon Mauritius markets reiterates that the way to leverage and succeed in tourism is through social entrepreneurship. This will entail implementation of strategies such as recognition and awarding of impactful investors, promotion of domestic tourism, maintenance of tourist and historical sites, infrastructure development and favorable policies, leveraging on technology and partnerships with individuals and corporates.

Musyoka exemplifies the spirit of innovation and collaboration driving the encompassing of digital transformation in every sector, including tourism. His unwavering dedication to leveraging technology for social impact and economic growth underscores the immense potential of African talent in shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

In the execution of all the strategies, one key relationship that can make or break every effort and stride is the relationship between social entrepreneurs and government. Progressive efforts will be nurtured through collaboration, engagement of private sector in laws enactment, training and development and sound protocols on conflict resolution.

Collaborative governments empower and support investors by building transport infrastructure, land provision and policy reforms for the sector’s rapid growth. Africa Union’s goodwill of visa free travel requirements across Africa will be a major boost in promoting local and global tourism.
The dynamic realm of technological era brings about an undefeated fusion between entrepreneurship in the tourism field and tech to create magic that will last a myriad of generations.

We build Africa when we invest and support the continent.

Morris Musyoka
Tourism and hospitality. Entrepreneur. Software engineer and mathematician.

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