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Weather Outlook for Mauritius, Rodrigues and outer islands

A weak low pressure area can be located almost to the east of Agalega. This system is likely to move towards the West-southwest heading towards Madagascar.

Most weather models agree that while the low-pressure system tracks west-southwest, it will extend a trough towards the Mascarene Islands.

Weather outlook till Sunday 03 March 2024:
1. Mauritius
Cloudy with scattered showers as from Saturday late afternoon. The showers may be moderate at night and on Sunday morning. Low chance of thunderstorms.
Wind south-easterly to easterly 30 km/h with gusts of 55 km/h.
The open sea will become gradually rough in the night of Friday 01 and will improve on Monday.

2. Rodrigues
Scattered showers on Friday evening and Saturday. An improvement is expected as from Saturday evening.
Wind easterly 35 km/h with gusts of 65 km/h.
The open sea will become rough as from Friday 01.

3. St Brandon
Scattered thundery showers on Saturday. The weather will improve gradually on Sunday.
Wind south-easterly 25 km/h at first, backing gradually to the northeast on Sunday 03.
The sea will be rough as from this afternoon.
The sea will become rough as from Friday 01.

4. Agalega
Rather cloudy as from Saturday with showers moderate to heavy and thundery at times.
Wind will blow from the western sector 10-20km/h and will gradually back to northerly as from Sunday 03 with a speed of 30km/h with gusts of 55km/h.
Sea moderate becoming temporarily rough in thundery showers and will be rough as from Sunday 03.

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