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Forecast for Grand Bassin

A warm and moist airstream is flowing over our region. The clouds coming from the North-East are influencing the local weather at times.


Forecast for next 24 hours:

Weather: Cloudy with showers at times. The showers may be moderate with risks of thunderstorms.

The weather will improve as from this evening.

Wind: From the North-East at about 15 km/h.

Maximum Temperature: 27 ‘C

Minimum Temperature: 21 ‘C

Weather Outlook

Weather Outlook for the next 3 days:

Afternoon moderate showers expected tomorrow.

Few showers for Wednesday 06 and Thursday 07.

Wind North-Easterly tomorrow 15 km/h turning to South Easterly as from Wednesday 06 at 25 km/h, gusting 50 km/h.

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