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The Study in India Fair opens its door to Mauritian students

The prestigious Hennessy Park Hotel in Mauritius played host to a landmark event on March 9th, the inauguration of the Study in India Fair.

This collaborative effort by CA Counselling Services Ltd, the High Commission of India in Mauritius, and Ties Global, India, marked a significant occasion for Mauritian students seeking to unlock their academic potential in a vibrant and internationally recognised educational hub – India.
The two-day fair offered a unique platform for aspiring Mauritian students to connect directly with representatives from leading Indian universities. With over 8 million students enrolled across 30,000 universities, India boasts the second-largest higher education system globally. This established network provides a diverse and enriching educational landscape, encompassing a vast array of programs in engineering, medicine, humanities, management, and more.

In her opening statement, Her Excellency, Shri. Nandini Singla, High Commissioner of India to Mauritius stated:

“Mauritius and India share a unique bond since independence, and education has been a bridge to further strengthen the relationship. India is a popular and top five destination today for African students, attracting over 25,000 African students, and we want to invite more Mauritians to come to India and study. We give about 60 scholarships every year to Mauritian students and there are many who go on a self-financing basis as well. Leveraging our shared language and cultural ties, we can encourage Mauritian students to pursue high-quality, affordable education in India.”

“Furthermore, Mauritius’ plan for an education hub in Côte d’Or, with subsidies and facilities, presents a prime opportunity to attract more Indian universities. This, along with partnerships between Mauritian institutions and Indian universities, like the new IIT in Tanzania, can establish Mauritius as a Pan-African education hub. By attracting students from across Africa, Mauritius can create a vibrant educational ecosystem, benefiting both nations. This Education Fair is a crucial step, and let’s make education a flagship in our India-Mauritius collaboration, just like our existing government partnership. Building on this strong foundation, we can create a thriving educational exchange program for students from Mauritius, India, and all of Africa, the High Commissioner added.”

Sharing similar views, Mr. Vijaykumar Chandrasekaran, Director of TIES Global India said:

“India welcomes Mauritian students to explore educational opportunities. We encourage you to connect with our representatives and make an informed decision about your future. We are extremely happy to organise educational opportunities and provide a platform for students to pursue their dreams beyond the institution’s focus. While familiarity with programs and scholarships is important, choosing the right education is not just about wealth; it goes beyond traditional education models.”

He also shared that India’s strength extends beyond IT. “We are one of the largest exporters of Intellectual Property (IP) and a breeding ground for successful entrepreneurs. Additionally, India holds the distinction of having the highest number of medical colleges globally (as of last year, with 41 more than the closest competitor). This translates to a significant pool of medical professionals exported to developed nations. India is also the second-largest supplier of nurses to the US and UK, showcasing the quality of our healthcare education,” said Vijaykumar.

Additionally, Mr. Jayasankar Seshadri, Director of Campus Abroad said: « This fair highlights the exciting study and scholarship opportunities in India. India offers a world-class education, enriching cultural experiences, and promising career prospects. » He also shared a heartwarming anecdote at the fair. He recounted meeting a Mauritian student who studied in Bangalore years ago. When he inquired about the student’s career path, she happily replied that she had landed a successful career with a French pharmaceutical company. This personal story exemplifies the diverse career paths open to international graduates who choose to study in India.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Tony Malik, Director of CA Counselling Services Ltd stated,

“Mauritius boasts a rich cultural heritage, and India offers a chance to deepen that connection. But beyond shared ancestry, India presents a compelling destination for Mauritian students seeking a world-class education. Studying in India prepares you for a successful career while offering a unique cultural experience. It’s a chance to broaden your horizons and build a strong foundation for your future.”

The Study in India Fair went beyond official announcements and presentations. It provided a platform for open dialogue and personalised guidance. Representatives from leading universities such as SRM University, JAIN, GITAM, VIGNAN’S, Parul University, EdCIL and many more were present throughout the two-day event, eagerly answering to student questions and providing in-depth information about specific programs, scholarship opportunities, and university facilities. This interactive approach ensured that students received tailored advice, allowing them to make informed decisions about their academic future.

Beyond the sheer scale and diversity of its educational offerings, there are a number of compelling reasons for Mauritian students to consider studying in India. The cost of education in India is significantly lower than in Western countries, making a world-class education much more accessible. Beyond affordability, India offers an enriching cultural experience. From historical wonders to vibrant festivals, the dynamic environment fosters personal growth and intercultural understanding. Academically, India boasts of prestigious universities renowned for their research and attracting top students. These universities have a proven track record of producing global leaders across various industries.

The widespread use of English as a medium of instruction removes language barriers, while fostering valuable networking opportunities with a diverse student body. India is at the forefront of research in many fields, allowing students to participate in cutting-edge projects. Finally, India’s booming economy presents exciting career prospects, with regulations easing to allow international student participation in internships and jobs after graduation. The Study in India Fair may have concluded, but the journey towards academic excellence continues.

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