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Des nouvelles Fixed Penalty Notice pour les automobilistes

Il faudra s’y faire, le gouvernment va imposer des nouvelles infractions au Code de la Route à travers deux Regulations notamment ,Roads (Fixed Penalty Notice) Regulations 2024 et Roads (Amendment of Schedule) Regulations 2024.

Cabinet has agreed to the promulgation of the Roads (Fixed Penalty Notice) Regulations 2024 and the Roads (Amendment of Schedule) Regulations 2024.
These Regulations would, inter alia, empower Police Officers and designated officers of the Road Development Authority to serve a Fixed Penalty Notice on person(s) committing an offence under the Roads Act. Some of the offences included under these Regulations are:
(a) encroachment on road and road reserves;
(b) allowing filth, drain water or noxious water likely to damage any road or footpath, or causing inconvenience to person having access to it;
(c) causing damage to road infrastructure and furniture; and
(d) throwing stone or any other thing to cause injury to a person or vehicle along a road.
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