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Mrs Prishnee Naika-Cahaneea nouvelle Clerk Assistant à l’Assemblée Nationale

Le Speaker de l’Assemblée Nationale a informé les parlementaires qu’il y a une nouvelle Clerk Assistant et l’a invité à prendre place.

Hon. Members, Before we proceed with the business of the House today, I have to inform you that Mrs Prishnee NAIKA-CAHANEEA has joined the Clerk’s Table as Clerk Assistant.

Mrs Naika-Cahaneea joined the Judiciary as Trainee Court Officer in May 2009 and was promoted to Senior Court Officer in July 2017. Prior to joining the National Assembly, she held the post of Judicial Research Assistant. She holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Mauritius.

On behalf of the House and in my own name, I extend a warm welcome to Mrs Naika-Cahaneea and wish her a successful professional career.

I now invite Mrs Naika-Cahaneea to join the Table.

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