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Severe Weather Bulletin for Mauritius

Report from Meteo Madagascar confirms that tropical cyclone Gamane made landfall at 06.45 hours MUT near Ampisikinana in the District of Vohémar. The pressure at the centre of Gamane is estimated at 975 hPa and the estimated mean wind is 130 km/h and the maximum gusts around 180 km/h within a radius of 40 kilometres.

At 13.00 hours, Gamane was centered overland near 13.1 degrees south and 49.4 degrees east, that is at about 1150 km to the north-west of Mauritius. Over the last couple of hours, Gamane has been quasi-stationary.


Currently, tropical cyclone Gamane is evolving overland with destructive mean wind of the order of 150 km/h in the District of Vohémar. The violent winds are expected to decrease overnight as the system weakens gradually.

There are still lots of uncertainties as to the future behaviour of Gamane. As it weakens , the system may either emerge into the Mozambique Channel or re-emerge into the Indian Ocean as a low-pressure system. In the event it emerges in the Indian Ocean, some models indicate that there is a low probability that the remnants of Gamane may temporarily intensify into a moderate storm on Saturday 30 March 2024. This scenario may inject lots of moisture to the north of the Mascarenes.

Weather Outlook:

The above scenario may result in a rainy weather during the Easter week-end and on Monday 01 April 2024. The showers may be moderate to heavy and thundery at times

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