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Déclaration de Stephan Toussaint au Parlement

Le ministre des Sport a fait une déclaration sur la performance des atheletes mauriciens lors des 13e Jeux d’Afrique qui a eu lieu au Ghana.

Mr Speaker, Sir, with your permission, I wish to make a Statement on the performance of the Republic of Mauritius at the 13th African Games.

It is with immense pride that I address the House today to highlight the outstanding achievements of the Republic of Mauritius at the recent 13th African Games held in Ghana from 08 to 23 March 2024.

Mauritius has excelled in this edition of the Games, clinching a total of 25 medals. Our athletes showcased their talents by securing 9 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 11 bronze medals. This remarkable performance at continental level placed the Republic of Mauritius in the top 10 on the medal table among 54 countries.

Mauritius has surpassed its previous performance at the Games, held in Morocco in 2019, where we secured 24 medals, including only 6 gold.
The Mauritian flag soared high in Accra and it is with great pleasure that we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our athletes and our medallists for their resounding victories. Their dedication, tenacity, and selfless commitment to our nation have been truly commendable.

Despite daunting challenges and scorching temperatures nearing 40 degrees Celsius, the African Games displayed the unwavering determination and resilience of our athletes. The prevailing team spirit, solidarity and mutual support propelled our cyclists to claim 10 medals, including 3 gold and our weightlifters to secure 9 medals, including 4 gold.

Mauritius won its first-ever gold medals, one in swimming and one in tae kwon do.
The relentless efforts and strong desire of our athletes to exceed their limits and proudly wave our national flag in Ghana’s skies cannot be understated. Our medallists will be duly rewarded for their exceptional achievements.

Long live our athletes and long live the Republic of Mauritius!
Thank you.

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