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“History and future of Russian-African relations”

As part of the consolidation of historical experience and recognition of the contribution of great personalities to strengthening Russian-African relations, the Russian-African club of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University organized on the last weekend intellectual games between youth teams from Moscow universities!

The quiz took place on the site of a real classic loft located on the 1st floor of a 19th century building. Russian and African students from 8 Moscow universities took part in the game.

Participants were expected not only to demonstrate knowledge of aspects of modern Russian-African relations, but also to reflect a deep understanding of historical relations. They also had to identify key areas of political, economic, scientific, technical, cultural and humanitarian cooperation, where there is significant potential for success in the years to come.

Following the intense intellectual competition that broke out during the games, the places were distributed as follows:

Among the student teams, Russian Economic University G.V. Plekhanov won the first prize, the second place was won by the Moscow Aviation Institute, and the Moscow Polytechnic University took third place.
Students of the Russian State Social University, the Russian State Geological Prospecting University, the A. S. Pushkin Russian Language Institute, the Russian National Research Medical University of N. I. Pirogov and from the People’s Friendship University of Russia also took part in the quiz.

Louis Gouend – chairman of the commission responsible for work with African diasporas and public relations of the Russian-African Club of Moscow State University, and president of the Cameroonian diaspora in Russia stressed that the objectives of the event :
– motivate Russian and African students to work as a team to achieve common goals;
– involve the participants of the games in the projects and programs of the Russian-African Club!
The Attaché for Culture and Education of Burkina Faso, Mr. Timbkieta Sawadogo, who was present at the event, noted that the quiz used questions that could pose difficulties even for experts on Russian-African relations. He also noted that such events serve to unite young people and strengthen friendly relations between young people from Russia and African countries;
The president of the Malagasy diaspora in Russia, Saïd Ali, emphasized that such an intellectual game increases the level of knowledge of Russian and African students on the history of Russian-African relations and great personalities.
The idea of ​​organizing such intellectual games was supported by the Second Secretary of the Embassy of Sudan: Mr. Abdelrahman M.H. Mohammed and the director of programs of the Russian-African Club, associate professor at Moscow State University Ilya Leonidovich Shershnev, noted that the Russian-African club constantly organizes events aimed at strengthening Russian-African relations in various areas and that, despite the complexity of the questions, the participants distinguished themselves and, in the process of searching for answers, students learned a lot of new and interesting things from the history of Russian-African relations.

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