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International Firefighters’ Day

Le gouvernement a donné son aval pour l’organisation de l’International Firefighters’ Day qui aura lieu le 4 mai 2024 dans les Casernes de la MFRS dans la pays.

Cabinet has taken note of the organisation of activities in the context of the commemoration of International Firefighters’ Day which is celebrated on 04 May 2024 every year, to recognise and honour the sacrifices of firefighters who risk their lives for others, ensuring that communities and environment were as safe as possible. The Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service would, inter alia, organise the following activities:
(a) International Firefighters’ Day Commemoration Ceremony on 04 May 2024, at Coromandel Fire Station, comprising a parade consisting of squads from 11 fire stations and ending with the National Sound Off of fire sirens for 30 seconds at all fire stations;
(b) a Blood Donation Campaign on the premises of the Coromandel Fire Station on 04 May 2024;
(c) Fire Safety and Emergency Disaster Preparedness Campaigns, starting as from 04 May 2024, at different identified locations around the island; and
(d) Educational and Recreational activities throughout Mauritius as from 04 May 2024 for vulnerable groups.
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